These VIRTUAL EVENTS will still give you the navigation challenge, but it will still keep you safe and others, as there’s no physical contact involved, you can still stay in your bubble and social contact with others is avoided. Participants can do the course as a team or individuals. Virtual event, because there’s no physical controls out and people don’t have to compete at the same time.

A selection of virtual courses to choose, do it anytime. Christchurch only.


There won’t be any registration and there are no physical controls to touch. Teams or individuals will be able to do the course on their own time, using the MapRun6 phone app, which means that there’s no need for participants to touch any other device.




MapRun6 is easy to use.
Install the free MapRun6 app for iOS or Android:

  • Start the App
  • Enter your Team Name – to be used with your results
  • Tap Select Event and browse to the event you are looking for
  • Alternatively, tap Events Near Me to display a list of events near your current location
  • Tap  Go to Start to see the map and course​. If the organiser has locked the event, you may need to enter the 4-digit PIN that has been set​
  • ​Now tap Start GPS. It may take your GPS a moment or two to locate enough satellites, in which case you’ll get a ‘Waiting for GPS signal’ message.
  • Once the GPS is live, you need to run or walk through the Start to trigger the course timer.


  • In most cases the Finish is in the same place, but MapRun should not punch the Finish if you have not visited a least one checkpoint.
  • Remember that you need to pass through the Finish to stop the timer.
  • At the finish, MapRun will automatically upload your results, or you can do it yourself. You can also send your results to Strava.
  • Finally, you can compare your results with others on the same course, and view the route you took. ​

How does it work?

  • When a runner runs with the MapRun App, with an Event selected:The App tracks their location (without displaying it)
  • It continually compares their location with the Latitude and Longitude of control locations contained in the Course File for the event
  • If the distance to a control is less that 10 metres, the App records a punch on that control
  • Events are started and finished by visiting the Start and Finish punches
  • At the end of the event, the “rules” for the event type are applied to determine a result:This includes checking for the correct sequence of controls for a line course, and
  • Calculating a score for score courses
  • The runner’s result file and track are automatically uploaded to the MapRun server at the end of the run
  • The runner’s result is merged with other results for this event and displayed on the phone and on the website.
  • Runners can alternatively run just with a GPS watch and upload their track for a result to be determined.

User Agreement

Use of MapRun and MyOMaps is under the following terms and conditions. When the App is first installed, the user is asked to accept these:

For more information, please go to the website: MapRun6



Nora’s passion for Adventure Racing started in 1998 when she was 20 competing in the 5 days long EMA Brazil. For many years she raced in the all girl team Atenah (Nora was the navigator) whose prowess and finesse are the stuff of legends. In 2006 they were the top Brazilian team in the premier Brazilian Adventure Race the Ecomotion. They were 4th overall With many Adventure Races under her belt in her home country, Brazil, as well as Croatia, New Zealand, Scotland, Vietnam, Fiji, Australian, USA, France, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile her racing career culminated in a 3rd place in the 2008 World Adventure Racing Championship in Brazil. Showing her versatility she also was the top female in the 2006 Land Rover G4 challenge (5th overall).

Having competed in 4 (10-12 hr) Spring Challenges, winning 3 times and 2nd once, and with a background as an Outward Bound Instructor, she is ideally suited to help you prepare and race to your best ability, making the leadup and race day as enjoyable as possible. She has a vast knowledge and a huge amount of experience in Adventure Racing and has captivating stories of the highs and lows of this exciting sport. Her Just For Girls Navigation Clinics have been running since 2008 and runs the Wicked Rogaines events in Christchurch.

In September 2019, she participated at the Eco Challenge Fiji, The World’s Toughest Race, with her Team Atenah Brasil. A 670km course over 12 days which will be aired by Amazon Prime in 2020.

She lives in Christchurch with her husband, Ian Edmond, and their 8 year old son Oscar.

Photo: Alexandre Socci - Green Pixel
Photo: Alexandre Socci - Green Pixel



Phone: + 64 27 388 0626
Email: justforgirlsadventure@gmail.com
New Zealand

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